The latest stable version of the corpus Deep-Sequoia is version 7.0 release in November 2015.

Access to the corpus

Version Link Download Date Description Diff
7.0 Browse sequoia-7.0.tgz
2015-11-13 FIx errors by systematic search of inconsistency in annotation. from 1.1 (Conll) from 1.1 (Graph)
1.1 Browse deep-sequoia-1.1.conll 2014-06-05 Fix some lemmas, fix 3 sentences with multiple surface roots from 1.0 (Conll) from 1.0 (Graph)
1.0 Browse deep-sequoia-1.0.conll 2014-05-29 First release

Pattern matching

The graph pattern matching on the last version (7.0) is available with the Grew-web tool on the 3 representations of dependencies: surf, deep or deep_and_surf

Some statistics

The statistics below are computed on version 7.0 (deep_and_surf):

  • 3,099 sentences
  • 67,038 tokens (9,348 semantically void)
  • 81,607 relations:
    • 50,714 surface & deep (black) dependencies
    • 16,324 surface only (red) dependencies
    • 14,282 deep only (blue) dependencies
    • 287 intermediate (grey) dependencies

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